How To Use Game Guardian (GameGuadian) APK To Hack Almost Any Android Game

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Game Guardian (GameGuardian) APK is a tool to hack almost any Android game easily. Even beginners can make use of this to hack scores, health, and other vital points in a game. But before proceeding further make sure you have installed the Game Guardian on your device then follow these steps below:

How To Use GameGuardian?

  • On the top left corner, select a game or app you want to hack by tapping the app icon.
  • Then click the magnifying glass icon for searching the value you want to alter.
  • Now, press and hold the eye icon at the bottom right corner of the screen for making things transparent.
  • Tap the drop-down menu icon available against the field and you get these options to choose from; Auto, Dword, Float, Double, Word, Byte, and many more.
  • If you don’t know anything about these types of value then hit Auto but this option is somewhat slower.
  • When you select the Auto option, GameGuardian will start doing the search, and the speed of this process depends on the amount of value the app could find on the game. It will also show you the estimated time required for doing the search.
  • The search dialog which you will also have an option to hide it so that it can perform the action in the background.
  • It is quite natural for the app to find millions of values and it may seem difficult to find which one actually belongs to the point you want to alter. This happens mainly because the game you are trying has zero points, so, to solve this play the game for a while to earn some points or you can also buy it after passing the search.
  • You will find a small button on the top left corner for pausing the search.
  • Now, let’s take an example you earned 1 point then try searching 1 in GameGuardian and try searching with value 1 in the app and click Refine button.
  • With this, the GameGuardian will try to find out each value between 0 to 1. You may have to try it multiple times so that you can see the value you have entered in the list which is made by GG.
  • After that against each value, you will see an alphabetic code, you will find a pattern of values having the same alphabetic code. Let’s take the example of ‘C’.
  • On the top, the left-most option is there to change all values, tap it. Then you will see the type of values with its range. Select the most practical one on the basis of the game. For this illustration let’s assume it to be ‘Dword’.
  • Now, enter the value you want to be and press ‘YES’.
  • And congratulations, you will see the exact same amount appearing in your game.
  • With points, you can buy various things for free. Of course, your score will decrease which can again be used in the GameGuardian to alter it easily.
  • For that, just go to GameGuardian again and on the top, you find a magnifying glass icon with a question mark, tap it.
  • A menu will appear which says, “How has the value changed?”, select “Decreased”. This will make it to search for “Dword” values which have decreased.
  • Then doing this multiple times, you will see a value exactly the same as your remaining points in the game, tap on it.
  • Enter your desired value and press ‘YES’.

Hurray! now you have mastered the art of GameGuardian and can change the value whenever you want to and shock your friends. You can try this on several metrics of your game, change it, and enjoy the hack!