iGameGuardian Download: Game Guardian for iOS (GGuardian for iPhone)

Here’s iGameGuardian download information. Game guardian is not available on the App store. That’s why iPhone users face trouble while downloading GGuardian app for iPhone. iOS users don’t need to worry anymore as we are here sharing how to download and install gameguardian app in your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. You should take care of one thing that iOS version should not be below 8 else it won’t work.

There are two ways to install and download game guardian for iOS devices. The first one is the official (without jailbreak) method and the second is the unofficial method (by jailbreaking). Both the methods are working very much fine and people are appreciating it.

iGameGuardian Download

Official method for downloading iGameGuardian

Step by step, I’m telling you how to download game guardian app in iOS devices.

  1. Open Cydia in your ios device
  2. Search game guardian
  3. Open the first tweak and press download
  4. when the gameguardian app has been downloaded let it be installed.
  5. Now you can open GGuardian and after that, you will able to add games.
  6. After selecting the game, know you can add the value according to you for money or health comfortably.

Unofficial method for iGameGuardian Download

Here are easy steps for the unofficial method: downloading game guardian for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

  1. Join http://nkod.yourepo.com/
  2. Search game guardian beta and install it. (Don’t reboot)
  3. Open Ifile and navigate to /var/strash and search for Applications.
  4. In the app folder, search gameguardian and open it.
  5. Delete the file “gate3” and “archived-expa…tlements.xcent. (if you don’t have the gate3 file, it’s fine)
  6. Now, navigate to /var/mobile/Library and search “com.apple.gameguardian.record2.plist
  7. Delete the file and reboot you device.
  8. If you see the “Reboot you device” sign when you open iGG , you go to ifile and navigate /var/strash/(search Applications)/Applications/GameGuardian.app and you will see the “gate3”. Delete it and it should work

Hope, you got iGameGuardian download and successful in installing on your iPhone.